Ghost PLUZ Google Map


I’ve spent the last few days turning the Government of Alberta PDF map of the Ghost Public Land Use Zone, into an actual functional map, that can be viewed on Google Maps, or downloaded as a KML/KMZ and then converted for use on another GPS system. (To download KML/KMZ, open the Google My Maps link, click the 3 dots at the top of the legend, and select the “Export” option.)

For reference, here is the link to the AB Government PDF map.  It can only be viewed with the georeferenced (GIS) context on the Avenza PDF Maps app for IOS or Android. As this is an incredible pain to use, I took it upon myself to recreate the map by making it an overlay in Google Earth, and then individually tracing out each line.

Here is the link to the version I’ve created, using Google’s My Maps feature. If you want me to make additions, or fix something I got wrong, contact me at my email and I will do my best to respond.

I take no responsibility for you staring at this map and driving off of a cliff; this is only provided as a navigational aid. Some lines may be slightly inaccurate. I created this using the May 2018 map, but as of the April 2019 map nothing has changed. I will take efforts to update this as each year passes.

There are individual layers for public highways, 4×4 trails, OHV trails, motorbike only trails, information kiosks, and various other things I don’t feel like listing.

If you are going to link to this map elsewhere, please leave credit to this page as I spent a long while recreating every single line.