My MacBook Pro


So, I use a 2015 MacBook Pro (15 inch, Retina) for pretty much everything. Graphic design, web development, software work, diagnosis… I’ve even used it as a hammer once. (long story.) I’m not exactly kind to it, (It has had quite a few close calls with death) But it just keeps on living. It’s probably the last Mac I will ever buy new, since it’s the last one to have USB ports and other stuff that I use all the time. I’ve done a few things to make it the ultimate computer for everything, and I’ll list them here in case anyone else needs to know.

  • Attached Meccano to the clamshell lid, so I can magnetically attach my external SSD.
  • Installed Windows and macOS as a dual-boot system.
  • Used a file to widen the MagSafe 2 port, allowing me to use either kind of charger with the computer
  • Pulled off the black hinge cover to improve ventilation
  • Reapplied the thermal paste to the processor(s) to lower the temperature under load. (the genuine apple stuff was crap)
  • Had the display replaced recently due to the de-lamination issue
  • Disabled SIP
  • Applied the many stickers to it that make it mine
  • Tightened the hinges.

With any luck, this one will last me even longer than my old MacBook Air did. (that’s a story for another day.)

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