BJ60 Clutch Saga pt.IV: Revenge of the Shift


So, I still haven’t replaced the master cylinder fully. I’m currently using the spare from another RMLCA member’s parts truck, and it’s serving me well. The slave cylinder, well thats a different story.

I got the rebuild kit in the mail, with an accompanied increase in anxiety – PartSouq shipped it in the box from a fan belt, for some reason. I was not ready to recieve the wrong part yet again. Thankfully, it was the correct rebuild kit inside.

I pulled the slave off the bell housing, and used the bench grinder to wire-wheel off the rust that encased it. Finally it was down to bare metal, somewhat, so after spraying on a bunch of rust protection, I painted it black, and then set forth honing the inside. I had to buy a new cylinder hone from CT, luckily it worked well.

It works! Finally, after nearly a month off the road, Thumper the BJ60 was back and better than ever.

Ok, still wasn’t perfect. I forgot to attach the clutch pedal return spring because I’m a dumbass, but eventually noticed.

Finally, that saga has been dealt with. Now, on to the next complaint.

I was driving home from school, and gradually, the brakes began to pull more and more to the right. Long story short, I pulled everything off in a parking lot and determined that the pads were stuck on one side, thus overheating and not working, meaning the other side was pulling more. I limped the truck home, and had to replace the caliper with one that my dad had stored away from his FJ40. It works now, and I don’t get serious burns on my hand now when I touch the hub on that side. Yay?

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