Brake Breaker


Last weekend, I had to replace my rear brake shoes. Halfway through driving down Deerfoot Trail in what I can only describe as a monsoon, I noticed a significant absence of any stopping power from the rear of the truck.

I pulled over, and put on the parking brake, only to have the truck roll backwards on the 1° incline that I’d parked on. Using my front tires more as rudders than anything else, I made it home. Turns out, I had used up ALL of the rear brakes.

Upon taking off the rear right tire & brake drum, I saw a very shiny, metallic, thin brake shoe. Turns out I’d completely used up that side. Whoops. $60 later and I have a new set of rear brake drum shoes, though the parking brake lever thingy on the rear right is still acting quite sticky. Sigh. At least Thumper is back up and running once again.